The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain

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Association Notes:
Holiday Closures
Holiday closures are available here.
We no longer accept cheques. Could we ask, if you are paying for membership or a workshop, that you post your application or booking form, and wait three working days before calling 0207 931 6488 to pay by credit or debit card.

Sunday Service and Demonstration
Please note that there is only one Service at 3.30pm and one Demonstration at 5.00pm. Please note that children under the age of 14 are not permitted to attend Sunday Service or Demonstrations.
Membership Cards
Must be produced on all occasions to gain concessionary rates otherwise the full rate will be payable.
Do you want a reply letter?
If you are writing to the Association and want an answer, please enclose a stamped, addressed envelope.
Doors always close promptly. There is strictly no admittance after the start time when the doors have closed. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted to attend demonstrations.

Counselling (Including Regression & Hypnotherapy)
30 Minute appointment 35
Cancellations of Private Sittings, Private Tuition and Private Healing
Cancellations or transfers of private sittings, private tuition and private healing can only be honoured if at least 48 hours notice is given.
Private Healing
30 Minute appointment 35
Private Sittings
30 Minute appointment 35

Full day 40.00 (members), 50 (non-members)
Cancellations or transfers can only be honoured if at least 7 days notice is given.
Please note:
Entry to any of our activities is always at the discretion of the management and the Association reserves the right to deny access to the building or to any event or activity at any time. They also reserve the right to remove any person or persons from the building or from any event or activity if they have already gained access.

Notice to Sitters
Every sitting must be as an experiment, and as such the success of the sitting cannot be guaranteed.
It is not possible for ANY medium to give specific evidence required by the sitter. A medium's work is to try to provide evidence of survival and not to predict the future.
If the sitting is considered unsatisfactory NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN unless the medium is told within ten minutes of the start of the sitting. The medium will then accompany the sitter back to the reception. Any complaints regarding your sitting will only be dealt with on the day.