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Psychic News September 2018

Psychic News article, September 

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The Foundation for Mediumship, with Minister Suzanne Gibson-Foy

Suzanne Gibson-Foy

A beginners course for one year covering
theory and practice, with an SAGB certificate for students who successfully complete the course.

This one year course will cover:

Attunement for Spirit
Understanding the aura and the psychic
Linking with the Spirit World
Preparing for readings and demonstration mediumship
The responsibility of mediumship
The journey of the medium
Different types of mediumship

The course will be held monthly on selected Saturdays or Sundays, from 3.00pm to 5.30pm.

Each term of 5 hours: 65.00

Suzanne will be interviewing for this class on Sunday November 18th. Please call 0207 931 6488 to book your interview.

Maximum students for class is 15.

Dates for classes in 2019:

Sunday January 13th
Sunday February 17th
Sunday March 10th
Saturday April 27th
Saturday May 11th
Sunday June 23rd
Sunday July 28th
Sunday September 22nd
Sunday October 6th
Sunday November 17th
Saturday December 7th