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Counselling: Bereavement, Spiritual and Relational

Teri Spain B.A.(Hons), Cert CC, PICT, BAST
Teri works as a holistic therapist, which includes her counselling and psychotherapeutic background.

Teri offers Spiritual counselling, which not only works with Spirit guidance, but also offers a deeper connection and understanding to “the true self”, that innate wisdom of our Spirit/soul. This state of awareness of the self can help us feel more in control of life, gain more clarity and understanding, reduce anxiety and stress, and create a sense of inner peace and knowingness. Teri is also qualified in British Sign Language, which allows her to work with both hearing and Deaf clients.

Visiting dates:

Teri SpainPlease check back soon for future dates.

Suzanne is a holistic therapist, counsellor and psychotherapist. Suzanne specialises in relational, anger issues, and Spiritual  counselling.

Suzanne believes that the knowledge and experience of Spiritualism has the power to transform people, and how they live their lives. Suzanne will be with us for the following dates in 2018:
Suzanne Gibson-Foy

Teri and Suzanne will be running a monthly Bereavement Support Circle once a month starting in the New Year. There will be no charge for this circle.

Bereavement Counselling: 35.00 per half hour
All other counselling requires one hour sessions: 70.00 per hour

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