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Psychic News September 2018

Psychic News article, September 

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Public demonstrations of Clairvoyance

These are always begun with a prayer for help, guidance and comfort for the bereaved. The demonstration usually lasts an hour, (some of our specials are 90 minutes), is always taken by one of our serving mediums, and can include questions and answers on Spiritualism.
During the demonstration the medium will give messages to some of the members of the audience, to prove the survival of their loved ones in Spirit. You are not guaranteed a message in any of our public demonstrations.

Psychic Art Demonstrations

This involves the Psychic artist and the medium working together. During the demonstration they link with their Guides and work together on the same message for a member of the audience.
The Psychic artist will draw the portrait of the person coming through from Spirit, and both the medium and the Psychic artist will give messages to the person receiving the message. The drawing is given to the recipient of the message at the end of the demonstration for them to take home. You are not guaranteed a message in a public demonstration.

Psychometry Demonstrations

Psychometry is when the audience put a small item personal to the visitor, on a number, on a large table. The medium will pick up an item and by holding the item and feeling the energy and vibrations from the item give a message. The visitor needs to know the history of their item. You are not guaranteed a message in a public demonstration.

Open Platform Demonstrations

These are for all budding mediums who would like the opportunity to work with the guidance of one of our serving mediums with an audience. Any student taking part in our development classes would be advised to attend these, some of them will be run by our class tutors. Members of the public are welcome to these too, it makes excellent practise for the students, to have an audience. These open platforms are all ninety minutes long.
You are not guaranteed a message in any of our public demonstrations.

Further details

Demonstrations take place at 3.30-4.30pm Monday to Saturday, 5-6pm on Sundays and we now offer evening demonstrations on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6.30-7.30pm.

Each Demonstration lasts for one hour. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted to attend Demonstrations. The SAGB operate a policy of strictly no admittance after the demonstration has started.

Some demonstrations are headlined Psychometry.
For Psychometry, a small personal item of little value may be placed on the table next to the lectern. Please ensure the item does not touch other items placed on the table.

Please remember to collect any item you have left on the table at the end of the demonstration.

Details may be obtained from Reception.


Sunday Psychic Art Demonstrations:
Full Members 5.00, Non-members 6.00

90 Minute Demonstrations:
Full Members 6.00, Non-members 7.00

Single Demonstrations:
Full Members 4.00, Non-members 5.00

Tickets only available on day of each meeting. Doors close promptly at the start time stated above; please respect the reception staff's decision regarding entry.