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Psychic News September 2018

Psychic News article, September 

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Mediums who serve the SAGB

Pam Akbas
Pam began developing her mediumship at the SAGB in 2011. During this time she has sat in closed circle with several of the SAGB mediums who individually encouraged and enhanced her Spiritual development.

Pam has demonstrated her mediumship publicly on Open Platform at the SAGB and in Spiritualist churches around London and the South Coast of England.

Pam is Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient. She is also a fully qualified SAGB Spiritual healer.

Pam takes demonstrations and Sunday Services  on a regular basis at the Association.

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Suzanne Gibson-Foy
Suzanne’s mediumistic experiences began over twenty five years ago, and she has worked publicly as a medium since 2002. Suzanne’s great passions are demonstrating, teaching and personal development. Suzanne is also a holistic therapist, qualified counsellor and psychotherapist.

Suzanne believes that the knowledge and experience of Spiritualism has the power to transform people, and how they live their lives. This can be achieved through a personal evidential message, an experience in meditation, or by hearing an address which resonates at a deep level.

Suzanne offers counselling, bereavement and spiritual sessions along with private sittings, workshops, open circles, open platforms and demonstrations on a regular basis at the Association. She  also takes some of the monthly bereavement support circles.

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Janet Glasgow
Janet has been publicly working as a medium since 2007. She regards herself very fortunate to have been mentored by medium Jean Blackabee and then medium Glyn Edwards. Janet works in many churches across the South East of England, and currently works in Sweden, Ireland and Germany.

Janet is mainly clairsentient but uses the clairvoyant and clairsentient faculties in her mediumship.

Janet offers private sittings, open circles and demonstrations at the Association on a regular basis.

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Geoff Hayward
Geoff’s mediumship has taken him to Canada, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Belgium and Japan. As well as all over the British Isles. Geoff who developed his gifts at Bournemouth’s Spiritualist church, holds awards from the Spiritualists’ National Union, and the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums.

Geoff has been a medium for over forty years, and has served the Association for the last thirty.

Geoff offers private sittings and workshops  with us. He also works regularly with Hilary Smith our Psychic artist, demonstrates, and holds Open Circles and Open Platforms on a regular basis.

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Joanne Jimenez
Hypnotherapist and counsellor Joanne currently runs her own practice based in Sussex. Joanne’s life changed in the early 90’s when she met the great medium Ivy Northage. This meeting became a turning point, and Joanne became a student under the tutelage of Mary Poulton, and went on to develop mediumship and healing gifts at the SAGB.
Joanne, also a qualified SAGB healer, has demonstrated in the UK, Ireland, Spain, and all over Japan. Joanne currently offers workshops, counselling, regression, and hypnotherapy at the Association.

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George Lawson

George was born in Glasgow and moved to Essex at the age of four. He is a very sincere and hard working ambassador for Spirit. He is clairvoyant and clairaudient, and has a wonderful understanding of the Spirit World. George has worked all over the UK, and extensively in Europe.

George has a great understanding of the philosophy of Spiritualism, and tries to bring this to his everyday living.

George offers private sittings, philosophy and open circles at the Association and demonstrates with us on a regular basis.

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Pauline Mason
Pauline has been mediumistic since the age of twelve. Since childhood Pauline has developed her gift of mediumship, and now works all over the UK and Europe giving sittings,  demonstrating and taking workshops. Pauline says “ my greatest pleasure is witnessing the joy on peoples faces after offering guidance and delivering messages from their loved ones in Spirit.”

Pauline also officiates at weddings, and takes Spiritualist funerals in her local area of Kent. Pauline offers private sittings, open circles, workshops and demonstrations at the Association on a regular basis.

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Hilary Smith
Now retired from a busy career as a nurse and midwife, psychic artist Hilary trained to be a medium at the SAGB , and has shared her gift with others for the past fifteen years.

Hilary works together with Geoff Hayward and other mediums offering Psychic Art demonstrations, once a month on Sundays at 5pm.

Peter Smith
As a child Peter realised he could see and hear Spirit from the age of seven. Through a busy career in engineering he was always aware of Spirit working with him to help others. After starting a very successful business working for himself Peter became aware that Spirit wanted to work closely with him to help others. Peter developed his mediumship with tutors at the SAGB, and now offers demonstrations and Sunday Services in and around the Home Counties.

Peter is clairvoyant and clairaudient and finds great pleasure in proving survival after this life to those who have lost loved ones.

Peter offers private sittings, demonstrations and Sunday Services  on a regular basis at the Association.

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Terri Stromeyer
Terri first realised she could see and hear Spirit at the age of seven. She trained under the tutelage of Ivy Northage and Ursula Roberts, and has been a working medium for over twenty years. Terri has taught and demonstrated mediumship in churches and theatres throughout the South of England, and internationally. She has appeared on television and had her own radio show on “ Wave 105” as well as writing features for national newspapers and magazines. Terri very much believes in merging Eastern philosophies and techniques with Western Spiritualism, in order to create deeper levels of atunement. Terri also trained as a Samaritan, which taught her to listen and not judge.

Terri offers private sittings, demonstrations and workshops with the Association.

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Terry Tasker
Terry has worked as a medium and healer since 1968. On starting work at the SAGB in 1995, Terry became a full time medium for Spirit. An experienced demonstrator, and teacher of all forms of mediumship, including Physical. Terry is also course organiser and tutor of the SAGB’s Healing Course, and a tutor and assessor for Kent International Healers Association. Terry’s work has taken him to Belgium, Japan and Germany, as well as the UK. Terry offers private sittings, private healing and workshops at the SAGB.

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Steve Woods
Steve had a busy daily life running a successful business, when one day out of the blue, a long lost family member turned up on his doorstep. Reg, who had been a medium for fifty years, told Steve that he had work to do in the Spirit world. Steve then began his training to become a healer and medium at Romford Spiritualist church, and from that day on, still works throughout the South East of England. Steve says “from that moment on my life changed forever. The guidance, love and knowledge that the Spirit world have given me has transformed my life. Working for the Spirit world is a great honour for me, and now that I am retired, look forward to devoting my time to serving Spirit daily.”
Steve offers private sittings and demonstrations with the Association.

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Dorothy Young
Dorothy has had a full and busy life, being once a nurse and then building and running a successful business.

The joy has been the realisation of her gift of mediumship and healing. She is passionate about her work for Spirit, taking church services and demonstrating her mediumship within the south of England.

She takes each opportunity very seriously to give accurate evidence of survival from those who wish to communicate through love, to us. She has attended numerous courses for the advancement of her ability including the Arthur Findlay College. She holds the Certificate of Recognition with the SNU in speaking and demonstrating.

Dorothy takes open platforms, open circles, demonstrations, workshops and private sittings at the Association on a regular basis

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