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Psychic News September 2018

Psychic News article, September 

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Open Platform Demonstrations

Twice monthly on Monday or Thursday, 6.30pm to 8pm

Meditation, and much much more.

These are for all budding mediums who would like the opportunity to work with the guidance of one of our serving mediums with an audience. Any student taking part in our development classes would be advised to attend these, some of them will be run by our class tutors. Members of the public are welcome to these too, it makes excellent practise for the students, to have an audience. These open platforms are all ninety minutes long.

You are not guaranteed a message in any of our public demonstrations.

For all you budding mediums out there, an opportunity to work on platform with guidance.

Everyone welcome.

Come and give your support to those wishing to demonstrate.


Thursday November 15th
Suzanne Gibson-Foy

Thursday November 29th
Terri Stromeyer

Monday December 3rd
Geoff Hayward

Thursday December 13th
Dorothy Young

Dorothy Young Suzanne Gibson-Foy
Terri Stromeyer Geoff Hayward