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Psychic News September 2018

Psychic News article, September 

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Sunday Services

The Divine Sunday Service is a non-denominational service, which takes place every Sunday at 3.30pm .

This service is identical to any other Church service. We say prayers for healing the sick and we sing a healing hymn.
The medium taking the service gives an address, usually connected with the philosophy of Spiritualism. A hymn is sung and prayers are said, including the Lord’s Prayer.

The last half of the Service is given over to the medium giving messages to some members of the congregation, proving the survival of their loved ones who have passed to Spirit. There is no charge for the Sunday Service.

3.30pm to 4.30pm

With special thanks to Gina Langsfield for her time and dedication when chairing the Sunday Service.

Sunday Service commences at 3.30pm and completes at 4.30pm. Please respect the Sunday Service and wishes of the Medium. We regret late entry into the Sunday Service is not permitted once the service has started and the doors are closed.

November 25th
George Lawson

December 2nd
Janet Glasgow

December 9th
Carol Service with Dorothy Young

Closed for Christmas from Sunday December 16th to Friday January 4th 2019 inclusive.

George Lawson
Janet Glasgow Dorothy Young