The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain

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MA (Psychotherapy), PGCE, MSOPH

Working with the Inner Light

For those wishing to find that inner voice for peace, upliftment and guidance. All levels welcome.

Once a month on Sundays

None in August

23rd September

A series of two-hour sessions, in which we undertake a journey towards finding our own inner light through meditation, philosophy, creativity and much more. Each session is varied to enable development and the connection with Spirit.

We will connect with ourselves, each other and the Spirit world, in order to discover ourselves and nourish the soul. As we acknowledge and recognise our own spirit, so our ability for connection is rekindled. These sessions are suitable for anyone who wishes to find that inner voice for peace, upliftment and guidance, and for those who wish to begin a journey of mediumship.

12.30pm - 2.30pm


Suzanne Gibson-Foy