MRS PHILIP CHAMPION DE CRESPIGNY Passed 10th February 1935 AIR CHIEF MARSHAL LORD DOWDING Passed 15th February 1970 HAROLD SHARP Passed 22nd February 1980 REV GEORGE VALE OWEN Passed 9th March 1931 IVY NORTHAGE Passed 31st March 2002 ABRAHAM LINCOLN Passed 15th April 1865 DORIS STOKES Passed 8th May 1987 ESTELLE ROBERTS Passed 30th May 1970 MAURICE BARBANELL Passed 17th July 1981 THOMAS RALPH ROSSITER Passed 10th Aug 1919 MARY ANN EVERITT Passed 15th Sepember 1915 EMMA HARDINGE BRITTEN Passed 2nd October 1899 MRS ST CLAIR STOBART Passed 7th December 1954 LOUISE LIND-AF-HAGEBY Passed 26th December 1963
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